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31/01/2023 - Order multiple choice answers in an exercise

We have added the setting "Custom answer order" to multiple choice exercises. Enabling this option prevents answers from being displayed in a random order during practice and tests. You can also drag and drop answers to create a custom order.

26/01/2023 - Discard changes made in draft mode

Not too long ago we made it possible to create changes in draft mode, making sure you can make changes to an exercise without them being visible on the platform directly. Unfortunately, if you made unintended changes in draft mode you would need to revert these changes yourself. To save you the hassle of remembering all changes we implemented an additional feature for drafts: the ability to revert any changes made in draft mode:

All information about this feature (and the other features of draft mode) can be found in this help article.

17/01/2023 - Viewing test information during and after tests

Teachers often use the test description to store important information for students. Previously this information was only accessible at the start of a test. We have now added the option to view the test description during and after tests.

During a test the "Test information" button is visible in the top bar. Click on it to open a popup window with the name and description of the test. The "Test information" button is also available when reviewing a test that you previously submitted.

17/01/2023 - Switching between parameter sets in preview

When editing an exercise, the "preview" option offers you a convenient way to quickly test the exercise and any changes you made. If your exercise is parameterised you might want to test it with different sets of parameters though.

Grasple now offers an option to quickly switch between parameter sets. You can choose between "Previous parameter set", "Random parameter set" and "Next parameter set".

This makes it easier to test if your exercise works as intended with different parameters.

Read more about parameterised exercises

16/01/2023 - Draft support for exercises

If you are editing an exercise you might want to save intermediate changes to make sure the work is saved, or because other things have come up which require your attention. But if this exercise is already used in a subject or a test these (possible half-finished) changes can already become visible to everyone else. To make sure you can control when changes go live you can introduced a draft-publish feature in the exercise editor:

Naturally, it is still possible to make and save changes which are directly visible to others. More details about the draft/publish feature can be found in this help-article.

10/01/2023 - practice sessions in subjects now use versioned exercises

Before today, a practice session of a subject would always show the latest version of an exercise. Because of this, a student could see one version of an exercise while practicing, but any changes made to the exercise during or after the practice session would also be visible when reviewing the practice session. To make things worse, a new version of the parameterised exercise would have different values for parameters, creating even more confusing situations if an exercise used in a practice session is changed.

To prevent these type of problems we now implemented the use of versioned challenges in subjects. This means that from now on, students will always see the same version of an exercise as they have received the first time they have seen the exercise in the current practice session, even if you update the exercise!

Note that different students can still receive different versions of an exercise if you edit the exercise while practice sessions are in progress, but an individual student will not notice anything of these updates anymore.

This functionality is not only available for the current versions of practice sessions, we also (try to) show the correct version of an exercise in older practice sessions. Unfortunately, we do not always have the exact (older) version of an exercise available. In this situation we will show the first available version of an exercise and display the following message:

Comments, questions, remarks about this new feature? Please feel free to contact us and let us know!

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