Creating a Course in Grasple
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How to create a course?

Step 1: Log in to your Grasple account.

Step 2: Click on the blue 'create a new course' button near the top of the page.

Step 3: Enter your course name

Step 4: Choose the content for your new course. You have the following options:

  • creating a course from scratch ('Empty Course')

  • copying the content from one of your Personal Courses ('Copy from Personal Course').

  • copying the content from one of the Community Courses ('Copy from Community Course')

Step 5 (optional): Add the start and end date of your course. This will enable us to improve our support in case of questions from you as a teacher or from your students. You can either fill it in by typing or by selecting a date in the calendar.
โ€‹Step 6: Click on 'Create Course'.

Now, you can choose to edit the content to your needs by adding/deleting subjects. In order to add content to your course, click on 'edit' near the top of the page. This will send you to the course editor.

Learn more on how to edit your course in this article.

Copying from a personal course

If you opted to copy content from one of your Courses, your new course will have the exact same content as the course you copied it from. However there is a slight difference between subjects and tests when copying the content.

  • For all subjects it will create references to the same subjects as in your original Course.

  • For all manual tests it will create references to the same manual tests as in your original Course.

  • For all automatic tests it will create new versions (i.e. different ID) with the same test content as in your original Course.

Copying from a community course

In Grasple you have access to open curated community educational resources. You can find all of those in the community repositories (see more information about repositories here).

If you want to have a quick start for a specific topic (e.g. statistics or calculus) you can create a new course based on a community course template. These courses include a curated set of community materials (i.e. subjects) which you can then customise any way you want.

Adding or adjusting course content

Now that you've created your course, you may want to add new content or make changes to the copied content. Read here how you can edit your course.

Sharing your course

Want to share your course with others? You can do so from the Monitor. Read more about the options for sharing your course:

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