Printing a manual test
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  • Get a quick overview of all questions in a test

  • Print a test to review it with your colleagues

  • Export your tests to share with colleagues outside of Grasple

  • Create an archive for future reference

This is all possible by using the print preview of a manual test.

The print preview can be found in the more menu when editing a manual test:

When you click on this button you go to a new page:

This page renders:

  • The name and description of the test

  • All questions of the test

The page also contains the overall feedback and all answers including specific feedback (if available).

Questions using parameters - different values each time one practices - are highlighted with a label. (read more about parametrized exercises here)

Note: all questions are loaded in the background. You will see the number of questions that still need to be loaded in a bar on the top of the page.

To print this page you can use the printing functionality of your browser. This can be accessed via the menu on top or by using the keyboard short-cut for your operating system (normally control-p for Windows and Linux, and command-p for Mac).

By default this prints the introduction and each question on a separate page.

Printing questions only

By default the print preview will include all of the data available for a question. To print only a subset of the available information you can use the configuration options on top of the page:

Using these options you can create a print copy of only the questions, without any sensitive information such as the names, the id, or the feedback and correct answers.

We hope you find this preview useful. Should you have any comments or remarks please let us know via the chat!

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