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Accessibility Mode for course progress in Grasple
Accessibility Mode for course progress in Grasple

Grasple has an accessibility mode to help every student understand their progress and mastery of subjects in their courses. Read more here!

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On your course page in Grasple you see all the subjects and tests which are part of your course. At the same page we also show:

  • which subjects/tests you completed

  • the current estimate of how well you master the subject or how you performed on the test the last time

  • the total progress within the course.

By default we use colors and checkmarks to visualize the first two pieces of information. Read more about that here: What do the labels and colors in front of the subjects mean?

To make sure every student is able to get this information on this page, an accessibility mode is available which uses distinct icons (in addition to colors) to convey information about the mastery of subjects.

How to enable Accessibility Mode?

On your course page you have a button "icon legends" which you can click which will display a dropdown.

When having clicked the button you will see the explanation of the meaning of the icons for both the accessibility and default mode and at the bottom a switch to switch between those two modes.

Clicking the switch will enable/disable the accessibility mode.

What changes when enabling the accessibility mode?

When the accessibility mode is enabled unique icons are used for indicating the mastery/score for subjects/tests, in addition to the colors. This means you will get two separate icons for the progress and mastery:

  • a (blue) circle with a checkmark when having completed the subjects/test

  • one of the three unique icons (shown in the icon legend) to show your current mastery level

    • a "patch with a checkmark" for "mastered"

    • a "diamond shape with question mark" for "maybe mastered"

    • a "triangle with exclamation mark" for "not mastered"

See below an example of how a course page looks when the accessibility mode is enabled. See this article for more information on the default colors and shapes and their meanings: What do the labels and colors in front of the subjects mean?

Questions or feedback?

Do you have questions or feedback on the accessibility mode? Please reach out to use via the chat icon in the bottom of the screen or emailing us at

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