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If you are editing an exercise you might want to save intermediate changes to make sure the work is saved, or because other things have come up which require your attention. But if this exercise is already used in a subject or a test these (possible half-finished) changes can already become visible to everyone else. To make sure you can control when changes go live you can use the draft-publish feature in the exercise editor.

Creating a draft

In the edit screen of an exercise you can choose between two modes of saving:

The available options are:

  • save & publish - save changes and make them public immediately

  • save as draft - save changes, but keep them private to editors

So, if you want to save an intermediate result you can save the exercise as a draft. There is a single draft for an exercise, so all users with edit rights will see the changes to the draft.

Viewing a draft

To make it clear that you are editing a draft a message will be displayed whenever you are editing a draft:

The message will also provide you with a link to the latest version which is used in subjects and tests (if any), Clicking on this link will show you a non-editable view of the exercise, along with a link to go to the draft version of the exercise:

Editing a draft

A draft of an exercise can be edited in the same way a published version can be edited. Any intermediate changes can still be saved using the save as draft button, the publish button can be used to publish any changes (see below).

Note that when you are editing a draft and want to preview the changes, the editor will save any changes as a draft as well. So previewing an exercise will not make changes available to be used in subjects or tests automatically, it will only do so if you choose this option.

Publishing a draft

When you are happy with the changes and want to make them available to be used in subjects and tests you can use the publish button on top of the screen:

Note: pressing the 'publish' button with unsaved changes will save any pending changes before making the latest version available to be used in subjects and tests.

After publishing the results the edit-view will show you that you are no longer editing a draft:

Discarding a draft

If you are unhappy with the changes that you made in a draft you have the option to discard the changes and return back to the latest published version. You can do this by selecting the discard draft option in the More-menu action:

Note: this action will revert all changes in a non-recoverable way, so make sure you want really want to revert back to the latest published version.

We hope you find this feature useful. Should you have any comments or remarks please let us know via the chat!

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