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NOTE: this feature needs to be enabled for your organisation. Please reach out to us if you want to use this feature.

Grasple is based on the open education principle to make education on math and statistics more accessible for everyone around the world. Therefore we also have a feature to embed your exercises into other websites such that they can be accessed by a large audience without needing to have a Grasple account.

Read more in this article on when and how to use the Exercise Embed feature.

When to use the Exercise Embed?

Using Grasple exercises within another platform (on a large scale)

When you are creating a MOOC or another (massive) open online course or book and you want to add interactive math exercises to it, the "Embed Exercise" feature is ideal for this.

It allows you to add single Grasple exercises to any other content management platform which allows the usage of "iframe embeds". This works similar to embedding Youtube videos.

Providing a full course for students via Grasple

We have multiple ways of providing access (for your students) to the content you created in Grasple. These all involve creating an account for students and enrolling in a course, either via email+password, Single-Sign-On or for example an LTI Integration.

You should use those options if you are teaching a course and are using Grasple to provide your students with a Grasple course containing subjects and tests in a organised manner. The embed feature is not ideal and intended for those situations.

Other usages

Do you have a use-case which would also be perfect for using the Grasple exercise embed feature? Please reach out. We are here to support open education and are very interested in (other) ways you want to use Grasple exercises in your education.

How to use the Exercise Embed?

To use the the Exercise Embed feature, please follow the following steps.

Go to your repository and either click an existing exercise or create a new one which you want to embed.

If you are creating a new exercise, first save and publish that exercise before going to the next step.

In the edit screen of the exercise, click the "more button" in the top right and select the "Embed Exercise" option.

NOTE: if this option is not visible, it is disabled for your organisation. Please reach out to use to see if we can enable it.

In the new window, please read the information regarding the consequences of using this feature.

If you have done this, you can click the "enable exercise embedding" toggle button to enable embedding of this specific exercise.

After enabling the exercise embedding you will see a piece of HTML code which you can use to embed the exercise in another platform (or on your own website). Copy the piece of code (by using the button on the right or selecting all the text in the field and copying it).

Paste the code into the content management system of your MOOC or other system as "code". Often the platform allows for altering the HTML code in a way and you should paste that piece of code inside the HTML.

Are you struggling with pasting the embed code in the right place? Please reach out to our support team. They are happy to help you out on how to do this.

Below you see an example on how it can be used to add a single exercise in your LMS.

IMPORTANT: if you have an LTI integration available between Grasple and your LMS, you should use that one. It allows for better embedding of more content (e.g. subjects, tests, full courses) and helps your student practice by tracking their progress.

This allows your students to interact with your Grasple exercises in your MOOC or other open courses.

What it does and doesn't do

What it does do

It supports all features of Grasple exercises. So go ahead and play around with parameterisation, answer rules for specific feedback and/or decision trees in your exercises. All these features will be available in your embedded exercises as well.

You can update your exercises while they are embedded. The newest published version will be used when the exercise is being loaded. Use the draft + publish functionality to update your embedded exercises without having to worry that users see unfinished updates.

NOTE: if you update an exercise while a user has already loaded that exercise, the user will interact with the previous published version. This ensures that their answer is being checked with the right answer model and the feedback is based on the right version. You can update exercises without running into problems of users interacting with multiple versions at the same time.

What it doesn't do

It does not collect any personal data of the persons using the exercise. Therefore it also not saves any progress for the user. If the user comes back to the page at a later time (or refreshes the page) their previously given answers will not be saved and thus not be shown.

If this is crucial for using those exercises, you should look into the options to add students to your Grasple course and let them create an account to save their progress. Find those options here.

Disabling the embed

If you don't want the exercise to be embeddable anymore you can disable the option in the same place as you can enable it. Please be aware that disabling the exercise embedding before you have removed the pieces of code from your MOOC or other open courses, will render those exercises as "not found". So please first remove the embed code before disabling the option in Grasple.

Question or feedback?

Do you want to use this feature but your organisation does not have access yet? Or do you have questions or feedback? Reach out to support via the chat icon in the bottom screen or sending an email to support@grasple.com.

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