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Use Community Courses as starting point for your personal course
Use Community Courses as starting point for your personal course
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In Grasple you have access to open curated community educational resources. You can find all of those in the community repositories (see more information about repositories here).

If you want to have a quick start for a specific topic (e.g. statistics or calculus) you can create a new course based on a community course template. These courses include a curated set of community materials (i.e. subjects) which you can then customise any way you want.

If you don't know how to create a new course, read more about how to do that here.

How to use a community course?

If you want to use the content in a community course, you should create a new personal course and use the community course as starting point for the content. You can do this by selecting the "Copy from Community Course" and selecting the community course which best suits your needs.

You can create multiple courses and customise your course completely by using the community materials also available when editing your own courses. Read more about how to edit your course here.

Missing your topic?

Is non of the topics listed in the community courses a good fit for what you are interested in? Please reach out to our support team (via the chat icon in the bottom of the screen) and we will help you in selecting the right materials in the repository or see if other teachers want to share their private materials.

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