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14/01/2022 - Import your Groups or Sections from Brightspace

You can now import the groups or sections from Brightspace with a single click of a button. This allows you to have one place to create your group structure (i.e. Brightspace) and use that easily within Grasple.

You can either import groups or sections with this functionality.

Read more about how the import works in this article.

This functionality uses the newly developed Brightspace API integration. Read more about how to set this up here.

13/01/2022 - You can now add meta-data to an exercise

When editing an exercise you sometimes want to add some meta-data which explains what the exercise aims to do, how it is build, or what still needs to be done. As of today, you can do that via the notes menu which you can find on the right-side of your screen:

This note is not shown when an exercise is either practiced or used in a test. It is a free-form field which you can use to note down anything you want. To make sure it is not always in the way you can close the note by clicking on the arrow button:

More information on this feature and other things you can do in the editor can be found in this help-article.

06/01/2022 - Skipping a question does not show the detailed solution anymore

Since 06/01/2022 the skip functionality in questions (in a subject lesson) and exercises (during practicing a subject) does not show the detailed solution anymore, but navigates the user directly to the next question/exercise.

Students can still get the detailed solution by either answering correctly, or trying to answer the question 3 times. After these 3 (incorrect) attempts the detailed solution will be shown to the user.

NOTE: this update does not influence the skip functionality during test.

Motivation for changing the skip functionality

Before this update a student could easily see the correct answer by just skipping the question/exercise.

Multiple Grasple users have indicated that the current behaviour is didactically sub-optimal, and we agree. Therefore we changed this functionality.

Questions or feedback?

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