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Reviewing your practice sessions with answers and feedback
Reviewing your practice sessions with answers and feedback
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When a student has completed a one or more practice sessions for a subject in a course, these sessions can be reviewed afterwards. A student can use this to learn from their mistakes by reading the feedback again on the answers they have given previously.

Read more in this article about this feature.

How to review previous practice sessions?

The overview page for all practice sessions of a specific subject can be reached from the start of a subject:

At the end of a lesson (if the subject has a lesson):

And at the end of a subject's practice session:

NOTE: you can only see the practice sessions which you started after July 1, 2022.

Review submitted answers and feedback

Students can view each exercise, the answer they submitted and the feedback they received during practice. If exercises are configured to not show the correct answer and the detailed solution at an incorrect end state this applies to the reviewed practice session as well.

The navigation bar facilitates quick switching between exercises. If students have questions about the practice session, they can share the link of a specific session or exercise with the teacher from the course.

Score, correctness and color coding

A student usually only receives points for a practice question when they answer the question correctly on the first attempt. If a student answers a question correctly during subsequent attempts, the question will be marked as correct but with a score of zero (unless configured otherwise by the content author). This can result in a practice review page where the submitted answer is marked as correct, while the exercise in the navigation bar and on the overview page show a red/orange color. This is by design, as the color of the exercise in the navigation bar and on the overview page is determined by the score, not the correctness of your final answer.

At the top of each question you can see how many points you have scored and how many attempts you performed.

Questions or feedback?

Do you have any questions or feedback on this feature? Please let us know via the blue chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

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