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Display the student name during a summative test
Display the student name during a summative test
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When you use Grasple for (on-site) summative testing you would like to be able to inspect whether the student making the exam is logged in to their own account without disturbing them. This is now possible for summative tests in Grasple.

During a test the name of the logged in user (i.e. student) will be shown in the top-left corner, next to the Grasple logo.

To enable this, make sure you have set the test type to "Summative" in the settings of the test. See below where to do this

NOTE: using summative tests requires an additional contractual agreement. Please reach out to your account manager and/or support to check this before using these features.

When is the name shown?

The name of the logged in user will be shown on the following three pages:

  • start page of a summative test

  • question pages of a summative test

  • submit page of a summative test

Start page

Question pages

Submit page

Which name is shown?

Which name is shown depends on the method used to log into Grasple at your organisation. See below which name is displayed depending on the situation.

Single Sign-On accounts

For Single Sign-On (SSO) accounts (e.g. SURFConext for Dutch Universities) the name provided by the SSO integration will be shown. This can either be a username (on a single line) or if available the Given Name and Family Name (on two lines).

See below an example of the Given and Family Name on two lines in the top-left corner.

Regular email & password Accounts

If the regular email & password authentication method is used, the name provided by the student during registration is shown in the top-left corner.

See an example below:

Question and feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us via the chat icon or by emailing to

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