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Using the Schoolyear integration for testing
Using the Schoolyear integration for testing
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! IMPORTANT: to use Schoolyear you need a Schoolyear license. Contact Schoolyear about this.

NOTE: the integration is still in its beta phase. Please contact us for more detail on using the integration and what is and what is not (yet) supported.

To facilitate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) testing with Grasple within a lockdown browser, you can use our integration with Schoolyear (see for more details on Schoolyear).

This article explains

  • how to set up the Schoolyear integrations;

  • how you can configure the integration for a Grasple test;

  • how to use (and not use) this integration;

  • how the integration works for a student;

Combining the Schoolyear Integration with other Grasple features

Generally, the Schoolyear integration is used for summative testing. Grasple offers a full suit of (fraud prevention) features for summative testing. For example, IP-Filtering and Content Access Blocking.

Make sure to check out the rest of the help center for features regarding summative testing and contact support or your account manager for questions.

NOTE: summative testing is a paid add-on feature for Grasple. Please contact your account manager to get more information about this.

Setting up the Schoolyear Integration

We can enable the Schoolyear Integration for your organisation, allowing teachers to create tests within Grasple where the Schoolyear integration is enabled.

To set up the integration for your integration, please contact your account manager or our support team. They will help you to provide us with the correct information.

Once we have received the correct information, we will enable the integration within your organisation.

Configuring the Schoolyear Integration for a test

Enabling the integration in a test

To use the integration, you can go to the test edit screen and look for the "integration settings". Here you will find the button "enable schoolyear integration". To be able to enable the Schoolyear Integration, you need to provide a start and end time of the test, which much be within 22 hours of each other. This is required for creating a Schoolyear Exam.

Once you have ensured a start and end time are set and you enabled the integration, save the test.

NOTE: this integration is only available for manual tests.

Disabling the integration in a test

You can disable the integration by clicking the switch button and saving the test. This archives the Schoolyear Exam.

You can enable the integration again. This will create a new Schoolyear Exam.

Accessing the Schoolyear Exam settings page

To access the Schoolyear Exam settings page, you can click the button "open schoolyear settings page" below the "Enable Schoolyear Integration" option. This button is only visible after saving the test after enabling the integration.

Read more about the settings in Schoolyear on the Schoolyear website.

NOTE: everyone with EDIT rights on the test will be able to adjust the Schoolyear Exam settings via this button.

Accessing the Schoolyear Exam dashboard page

To access the Schoolyear Exam dashboard page, you need to add the test to a course. Once you've added the test to your course, you can go to your test results page. There you will see an "open schoolyear dashboard page" button, allowing you to open the Schoolyear Exam dashboard page.

NOTE: every teacher and tutor in the course will be able to open the dashboard page via this button.

How to use the Schoolyear Integration?

When using the schoolyear integration for a test, please be aware of the following:

  • You can combine the Schoolyear Integration with other features within Grasple. For example blocking access to content in the rest of Grasple during a test.

  • When using Single Sign On in Grasple (e.g. SURFConext), you should configure the Schoolyear Exam settings to allow ALL the urls required for logging via SSO (e.g. SURFConext and your organisations Identity Provider urls).

  • You cannot update the filtered urls in Schoolyear Exam settings during a test. Please ensure you configure these urls correctly in time.

  • The opening time and closing time of a Grasple test is used to set the opening and closing time for a Schoolyear Exam. To allow for unforeseen scenarios, we add 1.5 hours to Grasple test closing time as closing time in Schoolyear.

  • By default the following two urls are allowed within a Schoolyear Enabled test

    • The grasple application (

    • The help center (

How does the integration work for a student?

The student takes the following steps to start a Grasple test with a Schoolyear Integration.

Step 1: the student has access to the course and goes to the course page in which the test is located in a normal browser.

Step 2: the student opens the test and sees the start page. When the Schoolyear Integration is enabled, the student sees a "Launch Schoolyear Browser" button (and not the standard "Start Test" button. This button is shown 30 minutes before the start of the test to allow student to already start the process of the next steps. They cannot actually start the test already, since this is done in the Schoolyear Browser.

Step 3: by clicking the button they are redirected to the Schoolyear page to download the Schoolyear Browser. Students should follow the instructions stated by Schoolyear.

Step 4: once the student has started the Schoolyear Browser, the will end up on the login page of Grasple. Here they should login with their account to access the test in the course.

! IMPORTANT: make sure that any URLs required for Single Sign On (e.g. SURFConext) are listed in the allowed urls list for the specific Schoolyear Exam. Otherwise students won't be able to login and thus also not able to start their test.

Step 5: after they have logged in they will be redirected to the start page of the test again. Since they are now in the Schoolyear Browser they will be able to start their test (if it is open) by clicking the "Start Test".


If you have any questions about how to use the Schoolyear integration, please reach out to us.

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