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How can I add students to my course without an email invite?
How can I add students to my course without an email invite?
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Note: this is an optional feature which needs to be enabled for your organisation. Please contact us if you need us to enable this feature.

There are several different ways in which you can add students to your course in Grasple. In most cases, you have fine-grained control over which student can enrol in your course. This is done by creating personalised invite links which are sent to the e-mail address of each student. This ensures that only that specific student can acces the link, but it also requires the student to access their e-mail inbox.

However, requiring e-mail access is not always a viable option, especially in an exam setting.

Organisation identifiers i.s.o. e-mails

To lift the requirement of the e-mail invites, it is possible within Grasple to use the organisation identifier of a student to enrol students within a course. This identifier is sent to us via SurfConext and is chosen by your organisation. In most cases this is the login name of a student, but it can also be a different type of unique id.

If your organisation is connected via SurfConext and sends us this identifier, a new field for adding students to your course can be enabled: the Organisation ID

After the option is activated this field is available for both the addition of a single student and the import of students via CSV.

What happens when I add an organisation identifier?

When an organisation identifier is entered, the systems will look for an existing user with that specific identifier within your organisation.

  • If such a user is found they will be enrolled in your course.

  • If the user is not found, an invite will be stored for later use. As soon as the student with that identifier logs in via SurfConext for the first time, they will be enrolled in your course automatically.

What are the restrictions on an organisation identifier?

We only allow unique organisation identifiers to be entered in the system. If you add a new student with a different name and / or email, but with the same identifier, the system assumes that you want to update the existing invite.

In addition, it is not possible to send an invite e-mail to a student which is added with an organisation identifier.

If you have any questions about this feature please do not hesitate to contact us.

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