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How do I prevent students from accessing other content during a test?
How do I prevent students from accessing other content during a test?
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When using Grasple for your (summative) tests, you sometimes want to prevent students from accessing any other content within Grasple while taking the test. You can now do this with a new advanced setting for tests within Grasple, which will block access to any other content in Grasple as long as the student/user is taking a test.

As soon as the student has submitted their test attempt (or is automatically submitted when their time is up) they will have access again to all other content.

Read below more on how this feature works and how to enable/disable it.

When can I use this option?

This option is only available if it is enabled for your organisation. If you have questions regarding enabling this option for tests within Grasple, please reach out to your Grasple contact person and/or Grasple support. They will help you figure out whether this option can be enabled for you.

How to enable the option to prevent students from accessing other materials?

You can enable this option per test. You can only enable this setting in the following scenarios:

  • Your test has an end time. This means that at least a closing time or duration should be set.

  • There are no active attempts going on. Please make sure to only open the test for students after you've configured the test to block access to other content. Otherwise you cannot enable this option anymore.

Steps to enable the setting block access to other content

Go to the edit screen of your test and click "More > Edit Advanced Settings".

NOTE: if this option is not available, your organisation does not have this option enabled. Please reach out to support and/or your Grasple contact person for help.

Enable the setting by clicking the toggle button

Once the option is enabled you should see the following:

Go back to your test edit screen and you should also see that setting is enabled at the bottom of the settings sections.

What to do if enabling does not work

There are two reasons why enabling might not be possible.

  • Either you don't have a duration and/or closing time set for your test. If this is the case, please do set a duration or closing time.

  • There are active sessions going on with the test. Either wait for the sessions to be finished OR change the duration/closing time to force all active sessions to end at a certain time and enable the setting afterwards.

If the last scenario is the case, you will get an error on enabling the setting, like shown below.

What happens if the student tries to access content during the test?

IMPORTANT for teachers: starting a test from within a course as a teacher, will also block access to any other content as long as you've not finished that attempt. When you start the test from the preview screen, this will NOT block access to other content. Check out the warning on the course overview page to see if you have any active test sessions blocking you from accessing any other content/part of Grasple.

As soon as the student starts a test attempt, access to any other content is blocked. This means that if the student tries to open that content, they will receive a "forbidden" message. An example is shown below:

When clicking the "Go to Course overview" students will be redirected to their course overview. On the course overview they are informed that access is blocked because they still have an active test attempt.

They can click on the banner to go to that attempt and continue the test.

What is still allowed when access to other content is blocked?

The following actions are still allowed

  • Login

  • Logout

  • Resume the specific test

  • Taking the specific test (e.g. answering questions, submitting).

  • Opening their profile page

  • Updating their profile (e.g. preferred language)

  • Switching language

  • Opening the course overview page

  • Opening other courses (but not accessing any content inside it)

Questions and/or feedback

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this functionality please reach out to support.

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