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Update: progress per course instead of platform wide.
Update: progress per course instead of platform wide.
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On August 2, 2022 we have released an update of our practice platform, that ensures that the practice sessions you complete in a course are only counted towards the progress of that specific course (and not towards progress in other courses with the same subject).

NOTE: this change only holds for all progress achieved after 02/08/2022 9:45 CEST. Achieved progress before that date has been migrated to the new progress system ensuring a student has not lost any progress in any of their courses.

What changes for me as a student?

Almost everything stays the same: if you complete the practice exercises of a subject, you will see this in your course, together with an indication of your mastery on that subject.

The biggest change is that if you have another course (e.g. the same course of the year before) with the same subject, the progress and mastery in that course won't be updated anymore.

The benefit is that if you retake the course a year later, you can start with a clean sheet and get insights in your progress based on this years efforts and not based on efforts of a year ago.

Most students don't have courses with the same subject(s) and are thus not affected by this update.

What changes for me as a teacher?

For you as teacher not much changes. The most important change is that the progress of students is now based purely on their activity in the specific course they are practicing in. Before, completing the same subject in another course also counted towards the progress in other courses. Especially for students retaking the same course a year later this could give a skewed view of their progress and mastery.

In your Monitor dashboard you now only see the results of the students based on the practice sessions they completed in your specific course context.

The most important change will be coming in a next update. In a couple of weeks we will release an update allowing you as a teacher to replace subjects within your course for a new/custom version, without students loosing their progress in the course they achieved on that specific subject.

This allows you to improve upon community materials by creating your own versions while your course has already started. This will give you more control on the materials within your course without affecting the progress students made.

Why this change?

The main reason for this change is to allow teachers to change the (versions of the) subjects in their course without students loosing their progress. This new feature allows teachers to create their own versions of open subjects (which you can find in the community repositories) or update their own subjects with a different version.

We will be releasing this feature soon.

A second reason is to ensure that students who retake their course the next year, don't have the progress of their previous course already present in their new course. By restricting the progress per course a student knows for sure whether they have completed all the course material in that specific course instead of in a previous course a year ago. This should help them track their progress and mastery in a course better and thus ensure they go through all the learning materials in each course.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the chat icon in the right bottom.

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