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How to enable IP filtering for a test?
How to enable IP filtering for a test?
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NOTE: this functionality is only available for organisations with an IP filtertering license. Please reach out to support if you believe this options should be enabled for your organisation but is not available.


The IP filter functionality allows you to restrict access to a test being taken to a specified set of IP addresses. This filtering only applies to taking a test in the context of a course. Previewing a test as a teacher and reviewing the answers is still possible from anywhere (if reviewing the test is allowed).

In this article we explain the steps involved in configuring IP filtering for a test. These steps are:

  • create IP groups containing IP ranges

    • NOTE: this can only be done by an organisation admin

  • enabling IP filtering for a test

  • configuring allowed IP groups for specific course/test combinations.

Below we explain each of these steps in detail.

Creating IP Groups

Organisation admins can create IP groups on the settings screen of their admin panel. Use the settings button to navigate to the IP groups page:

The IP group page provides you with an overview of all IP groups within your organisation:

On this page you can add a new IP group, or edit an existing IP group. Adding an IP group requires you to give in a name, while on the edit page you can edit the name, description, and IP ranges of each group:

Note that multiple IP ranges are allowed for each IP group. An IP range can either be a IPv4 CIDR block or a single IPv4 IP address.

Enabling IP filtering for a test

To enable the IP filtering for a test you can toggle the 'Use IP filtering' setting on the test edit screen:

When this setting is saved the access to test is immediately restricted for all courses this test is in.

Configure IP groups for specific course/test combinations

To open up the test for a specific course context navigate to the edit IP filter settings page available from the More-menu:

On this page you can add IP groups for a specific course using the drop-down at the bottom of the page:

After groups are added they can be removed again using the buttons in the actions column:

Note that multiple groups can be added for each course if desired, and that a diagnose is not required to be in a course to create this configuration.

And that is it, now the access to taking the test is restricted to the configured IP groups. Should you have encounter any problems in configuring IP groups or access settings please reach out to us via the support button at the bottom of your screen.

Questions or feedback?

Do you have any questions or feedback regarding this functionality? Please reach out to us via the chat icon!

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