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Configuring the Brightspace API Integration
Configuring the Brightspace API Integration
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Currently you can use the Brightspace API Integration alongside the LTI 1.3 integration for the following functionalities:

Configuring the Brightspace API Integration


To be able to setup a Brightspace API integration with Grasple you will need to have the following already setup:

  • LTI 1.3 integration with Grasple


To setup the integration please take the following steps

  1. Contact your account manager or support to request the integration.

  2. They will provide you with the required information for setting up an OAUTH2 integration.

  3. Provide your contact person with the credentials

    1. Client ID

    2. Client Secret

    3. Base URL (the url of your Brightspace environment)

  4. We will use the information to configure the integration and let you know when you can test/use the integration.

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