Note: Summative Testing with Grasple requires additional contractual agreements. If you have any questions about this, please don't hestitate to reach out to!

The checklist below lists the essential and/or most commonly used settings for summative testing. For a complete overview of all available settings for manual tests in Grasple, please visit this help article.


  1. Create a manual test

  2. Add questions to the manual test or to question pools within the test

  3. Assign points for each question or question pool

  4. Set the date, time, max duration and max number of attempts for your test.

    1. This is important to make sure your students can only access the test when allowed, but also to make sure all tests are eventually submitted if a student forgets to do so manually

    2. Your institution may also use IP filtering or content blocking as additional access settings. Reach out to if you want to know more.

  5. Allot extra time for specific students, if necessary

    1. Note: The general closing time of the test will always supersede the duration (including the additional time). so make sure the closing time of the test allows for any extra time!

  6. Choose which information a student kan (re)view during and after the test

    1. Show or hide the maximum number of points per question

    2. Enable or disable a scientific calculator

      1. Note: This is an experimental feature!

    3. Show or hide score feedback for students after submitting their test attempt

    4. Show or hide question feedback for students after submitting their test attempt

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