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Experimental Feature: Scientific Calculator in Tests
Experimental Feature: Scientific Calculator in Tests
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IMPORTANT: Experimental feature

This feature is experimental and can change significantly in the future. We are experimenting with different type of calculator and functionalities.

We expect that the exact working of the calculator will change over time significantly or might be removed completely from Grasple.

If you doubt whether you should use this calculator in your tests, please reach out to us and we will help you.

Enabling the calculator in a test

With edit rights on a test, you can enable the use of the scientific calculator via the settings.

Below you can see the setting or the calculator enabled in an example test.

Enabling this will show the calculator option in the white bar at the top during the test.

Using the calculator in a test

To use the calculator in the test (as a student/teacher) you can click on the calculator icon in the top bar. It will show a calculator on the right side of the screen.

You can orientate the calculator on the left side as well via the align buttons in the top right of the calculator.

To close the calculator either click the "Close button" or click the calculator button again.

NOTE: during a question the calculator will remember the input and history. If you navigate away (to another question) the calculator will be reset.

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