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In Grasple, the role you have may differ between contexts. For example: You could be a teacher in one course, a student in another, have view rights in some repositories and edit rights in others.

This setup gives you full control over how you share your content and courses, and with whom.

Note that this also means that a colleague with a teacher-role in your course does not necessarily have edit rights to the exercises in that same course: you may also need to add them to the repositories where the exercises are stored.
To learn more about the way courses and repositories work, have a look at this explainer.

Below you'll find an overview of the different contexts and associated roles in Grasple.

Roles in a Course

Learn how to add new teacher or tutors to a course here.

  • Student
    A student can practice in the course, and see their own progress and test results.

  • Tutor

    A tutor can view Monitor and Tests, can add and invite students, and can create new exercises and can create personal repositories in which to create or edit materials.

  • Teacher

    A teacher has admin rights on a course. A teacher has all the rights a tutor has plus the following rights: adding and removing teachers and changing the course content (adding and removing subjects in course).

Roles in a Repository

Learn how to add new users to a repository here.

  • View

    Someone with this role can view all the materials in this repository, but they cannot make any direct changes. They can create copies in their own repository and make changes there.

  • Edit

    An editor can add new materials to the repository and make any changes to all the existing materials (Subject, Exercises, Tests).

  • Admin

    An admin has the same rights as an editor, with the addition that the admin can add and remove other users.

Roles in your Grasple organization

  • Student

    This is the default role in Grasple. Students can access the courses in which they're enrolled, and can practice and take tests. They cannot create new courses or repositories.

  • Teacher

    Once someone has been given a 'Teacher' or 'Tutor' role in a course, or any role in a repository, they will be a 'Teacher' in your organization. This means they have the right to create new courses and repositories, and will be able to view organization repositories if applicable. However, they cannot access others' courses and personal repositories without explicitly getting access to them.

  • Admin

    As an organization admin, you have access to all courses and repositories in your organization through the admin panel. You also have access to the personal information of all Grasple users within your organization.
    Want to know more about becoming an admin? Reach out to via the chat or through

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