How to add teachers to your organisation?
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A new teacher has shown interest in Grasple and you want to add them to your own organisation into Grasple. To do this you take the following steps:

  1. Create a new course for the teacher, in which the teacher can start playing around with the options within Grasple (without affecting other courses and materials).
    Read about how to create a new course here: "How do I create a new course?"

  2. Add the teacher to the course via an invite. This will send an email with a registration link to the teacher via which they register as a teacher for the new course. At the same time they will be automatically added to the organisation as teacher.
    Read about how to add a teacher to a course here: "How to add/remove a teacher?"

What can a teacher do in my organisation?

Giving a user the teacher role in your organisation gives the teacher the rights to:

  • create new courses within your organisation

  • create new private repositories and learning materials within your organisation

  • view the organisation repositories and the materials inside (read more about organisation repositories here)

  • invite teachers to repositories and courses

A teacher already registered via the teacher demo request form

If a teacher has already created an account via the teacher demo request form they have their own private organisation. They (plus their courses and repositories) need to be migrated from that private organisation to your organisation.

To do this, please reach out to or use the chat-icon on the bottom-right so our support team can help you with this.

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