Why does my Grasple screen not launch in my LMS? (browser settings)

This article describes how you should configure your browser settings for using Grasple in your Learning Management System

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When Grasple is loaded within your Learning Management System (e.g. Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.), your browser should allow third-party-cookies for grasple.com and allow Javascript to be run.

What happens if my settings are incorrect?

If you don't have the correct settings, launching Grasple within your LMS will not work. This can result in one of the following errors.

Grey screen

If you get a grey screen without any buttons or text, Javascript is disabled/blocked (for third-party origins) within your browser and/or extensions. To use Grasple you should allow Javascript to be loaded and run from the domains: grasple.com and ihatestatistics.com (the old domain and name for Grasple).

A login screen or error screen

If this happens, your browser and/or extensions do not allow third-party cookies. When Grasple is loaded within your Learning Management System, Grasple is seen as a third-party.
Allow third-party-cookies to bet set for the domain grasple.com in your browser and or extensions.

WARNING: Safari's default settings do NOT allow for third-party-cookies on all their devices (Macbook, iPad, iPhone). However, they only provide the option to allow third-party-cookies from all sources. Our advise is to use a different browser (Chrome) where you can control the cookies in a more elaborate way. If you want to use Safari for Grasple within your LMS, you have to allow third-party-cookies.

How to configure my browser correctly?


By default Safari on both Macbook and iPhone do not allow third-party-cookies. Change your settings if you want to use Grasple within your LMS while using Safari.


  1. Go to Safari > Preferences

  2. Go to Privacy

  3. For Safari 11+: uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking"

  4. For Safari 10 and lower: set "Cookies and website data" to "Always allow"


  1. Go to Settings > Safari

  2. For iOS 11: Make sure Block All Cookies AND Prevent Cross-site tracking are turned off

  3. For iOS 10 and lower: Make sure that Always Allow is selected from the “Cookies” drop-down menu


By default Chrome allows third-party-cookies. If you switched it off, please follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Chrome Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings

  2. Go to Cookies

  3. Enable "Allow sites to save and read cookie data" and disable "Block third-party cookies


By default Firefox allows third-party-cookies. If you switched it off, please follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Content Blocking

  2. If Custom is selected, make sure that the Cookies settings is set to "Third-Party trackers" and not any of the other options.


By default Edge allows third-party-cookies. If you switched it off, please follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Edge > Settings

  2. Click View Advanced Settings

  3. Select the dropdown under Cookies

  4. Select "Don't block cookies"

Need support

If the issue persists after having followed the instructions in this guide, please contact us at support@grasple.com. Please also add screenshots of the page where you're experiencing the issues, with your browser console clearly visible. You can read in this article how you can do this.

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