To link a Grasple test to your Canvas course just follow the six easy steps below!

Creating Grade items

  1. Add an assignment to your course in Canvas

2. Under Submission Type, select External Tool and click Find

3. Select Grasple as your External Tool

4. Select the Grasple Test you want to link to your Gradebook

5. Save and publish your test to make it available for your students

6. As soon as students complete the test, their highest score will sync with your Gradebook

Keep in mind

  • Grades can only be synced for tests, not for practice modules

  • If students are allowed multiple test attempts, we will always sync their highest grade to Canvas

  • It can take a couple of minutes before grades are synced and visible in your Gradebook

  • Adjusting the grade manually in Grasple as a teacher, will sync the highest grade to Canvas again in case this has changed.

If you have any questions about creating Grade Items in Canvas, or about embedding Grasple in your LMS, please contact support through the chat button in the bottom right of your screen!

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