How do I switch courses?

Easy steps to switch between multiple courses

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On the levelmap, you can easily switch between your courses. Go to the lessons overview by clicking on the tab 'Courses'.

When you click on the title of the course - under "Select your Course" - a drop-down menu will open. In this menu, you will find the titles of the other courses.

Click on the title of the course you're looking for, and you've switched environments!

To be able to navigate easily in a longer list of courses, you can also type in a keyword after opening the drop-down menu:

Still struggling to find your course? Click on "view all courses here" and an overview of your courses will open.

Don't worry about losing your progress when switching, everything is saved.

If you cannot find your course in the drop-down menu or the overview, please contact us through the chat (round button in the bottom right corner of the page).

Good luck!

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