Product Updates 2019
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More options for teachers in creating exercises, in particular for maths (for an overview, check out these feature highlights for math exercises).

Major updates

Answer Rules: you can now add specific feedback for math exercises based on characteristics of the student's answer. Use mathematical operators on the student's answer to determine which feedback to give.

Decision trees: create adaptive exercises or help sequences, using custom logic that show subquestions based on the correctness of the student's answer.

Operators: a new type of functionality has been added to Grasple. You can now use the Computer Algebra System to calculate or evaluate parameters. Currently there are 6 calculus and 6 linear algebra operators available. More will be added in the future.

Monitor update: as teacher you can now view the progress of an individual student.

Test settings: a teacher can now configure most settings of a test themselves via the edit menu of a test.

Minor updates

  • "i" as imaginary unit: you can now also use the small "i" to denote the imaginary unit. Capital "I" is also still valid as imaginary unit.

  • symbols with apostrophe: y', y'', etc. are now correctly parsed by the CAS system

  • resume practice: students can now resume their previously started practice session

  • individual test results: teacher can now view the question and answers for each individual student in their course

  • easier linking: exercises can now be linked to tests and subjects from more places in the platform

  • test results: as teacher you can now see both the maximum and latest result for all your students in a test

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