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How do I know my answers are saved during a test?
How do I know my answers are saved during a test?
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Taking a test can be stressful. And not knowing whether your answer is saved correctly can increase your stress levels even more. Within the platform we have taken several measures to make the status of your answer submissions clear. These measures are explained in the following three groups below:

  • the button states

  • the confirmation modal

  • the error message

The button states

The submit buttons can be in three to four different states, depending on whether you are answering a multiple-choice (MC) or an open answer question. These states are:

  • black outline: there is no answer given

  • yellow outline, without spinner: the answer is changed, but not yet saved

  • yellow outline, with spinner: the answer is currently being saved

  • blue outline: the answer is saved successfully

Note that clicking on a button for an MC question immediately saves the answer, thus the second state is not applicable for MC questions. Take a look at the next two sections for screenshots of each state.

Multiple Choice Questions

Let us first look at the three states for a MC question. If you open an unanswered question all answers are shown in black:

If you click an answer, in this example 'False' the answer is saved and when the save is done the button gets a blue outline:

The blue outline means that the answer is saved on the backend.

While saving the answer the button gets a yellow outline and shows a spinner. As an example, if we change our answer to 'True' we see this state:

The yellow line and spinner indicate that the new answer is being saved. When the save is completed successfully the new answer is outlined in blue:

Open questions

Similar to MC questions an open question without an answer given has a black border:

As soon as you start typing an answer the button is outlined in yellow and a warning text below in red to indicate that the answer field contains a changed answer:

If you press the 'Save Answer' button the platform will save the answer, indicated by a spinner in the button:

When this process is completed successfully the button will change to the following state:

The blue outline and the 'Answer Saved' message indicate that the answer is saved successfully.

If you change the answer again the button returns to the yellow state with the warning text below it in red, indicating a change:

Which again can be saved:

After which the button returns to the success state:

The confirmation modal

If you did not save an answer, or did not re-save an updated answer and try to navigate to a different page the platform asks you to confirm:

If you are sure you do not want to save the changes you can press the red button, which transfers you to the desired new page. Clicking the green button keeps you on the current page and allows you to save the changes you made.

The error modal

When the platform encounters a problem in saving your answer the platform informs you that the answer is not saved by showing you the following error:

When you see this multiple times please contact support through the chat button in the lower right of your screen.

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