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Even after carefully creating and double-checking all content of your tests it can happen that a test-question contains an error. Manually re-grading all answers of a large batch of students can be time-consuming, so it would be great if this can be done automatically when the test is done.

There are situations in which the bulk of the work can be done automatically within the Grasple platform. We will first explain which changes are supported and then explain how you can request such a re-evaluation to take place.

Supported changes for re-evaluations

Only certain parts of a question can be changed before a re-evaluation can take place. We currently support the following adaptations for the different question types.

Multiple-choice question

  • An incorrect answer can be marked as correct

  • A correct answer can be marked as incorrect

Numeric and One Word Answers

  • Adjust an existing open answer (answer, threshold, correctness)

  • Delete an open answer

  • Create a new open answer

Math / Equation answers

  • Adjust an existing answer rule (clauses, correctness, method, etc)

  • Deleting an answer rule

  • Creating a new answer rule

  • Changing the order of the answer rules

  • Adjust an answer parameter (used in a single question)

  • Create a new answer parameter (used in a single question)

Note that it is not possible to create a new parameter for the whole question. Only answer parameters can be created or changed. You can use answer parameters in the same way as parameters to use in your answer rules.

Requesting a re-evaluation

Before requesting a re-evaluation you should collect the following data:

  • the id of the question(s)/exercise(s) that need to be changed,

  • the id of the test(s) in which these question(s) are used,

  • the id of the course(s) in which the tests have been administered.

When this data is collected perform the following steps for each question you want to have re-evaluated.

Step 1: create the changes

To make it easier for us to process the changes please create a copy of the exercise you which to change. Write down the id of this copy.
Use this copy to make all the changes you require (keeping in mind the restrictions above). Please keep a general log of the changes.

Step 2: request the re-evaluation

Fill out this form to request the re-evaluation. To fill out the form you need all the data collected up until now.

Step 3: double-check the changes

When you submit this form, we will process the data and update the questions in your test with the changes. We will then contact you to double-check the changes made to the questions in your test.

Step 4: confirm the changes

After checking the changes please confirm that the re-evaluation can take place. We will then schedule the re-evaluation and let you know as soon as the re-evaluation has taken place.

Step 5: extract the new grades

When the re-evaluation is done you can extract the new grades from the platform as you would usually do.

Comments, remarks, suggestions?

Hopefully this process allows you to perform re-evaluations more quickly. Please let us know if you have any questions or remarks regarding the process, or if you are unsure whether this process can be applied to your situation.

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