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How to manually grade unevaluated answers in tests?
How to manually grade unevaluated answers in tests?
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Grasple is built to help you test on a large scale by automatically evaluating students answers based on the methods of evaluation you created in the test questions. However, sometimes answers can't be automatically evaluated. For example if the student made a mistake in their Latex syntax or if evaluating the answer takes too long.

As a teacher you can view these unevaluated answers after the students finished their test and manually grade them yourselves. Below we show how you can do this.

More information on (manually) re-evaluating answers after the test can be found in these articles:

Viewing unevaluated answers

The first step is to view the unevaluated answers. You can find the number of unevaluated answers in your test result overview page (read more on how to get there and other reviewing options here).

See an example of such an overview page for a test with unevaluated answers below.

In the overview you will see the number of unevaluated answers across all test attempts. Click on the "View all" button below to go to a list of these unevaluated answers.

You will get to a page containing the list of unevaluated answers. See an example below.

In this list you can see the main exercise number, exercise number, the reason why the answer is not evaluated ("Evaluation State"), the answer and the timestamp when the student gave the answer.

Now you want to manually evaluate these answers. How to do this will be explained in the next section.

Viewing the evaluation status of answers

You can also view the evaluation status of answers to a questions in the question overview of your test. Go to a specific question in your test results and open the answers list.

You can see the evaluation status together with the points assigned for the answer.

Manually evaluate unevaluated answers

To manually evaluate the answer you have to navigate to the specific answer result of that session. You can do this by clicking on either the value in the ID, Main Exercise ID or Exercise ID column.

After clicking you will arrive at the question result page for that specific student. You can see which question contains the unevaluated answers in the top right corner of the question. See an example below

You can now evaluate this question manually by clicking the "Adjust marking" button. If you want to learn more on how to use the options in "Adjust marking", please read the article on "How to adjust the marking of student's answer in a test?" carefully.

After manually grading the answer, this new status will be reflected in the question result page. Below you can see an example of a question which has been manually evaluated.

If you go back to the course results and view the unevaluated answers again, you will see that there is one less listed as unevaluated.

You can get an even more detailed insight into the unevaluated and manually evaluated answers in the Test Answers export. Read more about this export here.


If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to support via the chat button in the right bottom corner or sending an email to

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