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How can I use this platform in my course?
How can I use this platform in my course?
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The question most frequently asked by teachers is: how would I use the platform in my maths or statistics course?

There are four different ways to use our platform, mainly depending on how much you want to make it an integral part of your course. We'll start with the easiest / least integrated method and then build upwards:

Level 1. Use our free explanations in your lectures

All our lessons are available for free for teachers. If you like parts of our lessons, for example, this visualisation of sampling error in polls, you're more than welcome to use it in your class. Go for it! :)

Level 2. Homework add-on

You keep on giving your lectures and sessions like you did before. This time, you also advise all your students to practice the subjects on our platform.
As a teacher you can monitor the basic activity of your students. You can ask your manager to pay for it, so that you're sure all students will use it! :)

“I have now used this platform as a supplement to my course. Students were required to make the exercises before they took their exam. I really liked how it went. -- Luc van Mil (Hogeschool Avans)

Level 3. Flipped Classroom

Instead of practicing afterwards, you ask all of your students to practice on the platform before your class starts. You use the class time to deepen their understanding, using discussions and interactive activities.

"Next year I’d like to integrate it even further. I then want to use the platform as preparation to my lessons. For many of my students, statistics is not their favourite course. So the more barriers that can be taken away, the better it is for them. Students can practice online first, then I can dive deeper into the material in my lessons." - Luc van Mil (Hogeschool Avans)

Level 4. Blended Learning & Learning Analytics

You're integrating the platform as the main online practice component in your course. You use Tests to obtain valuable insights into the current knowledge and skills of your students using formative testing.
You also customise some of the examples in our lessons so that they match the contents of your course.

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