How do I know whether I have editing rights on an exercise?
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In the editor view, you can see whether you have full editing access to the exercises. There are three options: full editing rights, a reference with editing rights, and a reference without editing rights.

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The three icons to describe the editing rights are a pen, an eye and a circle. The pen stands for editing rights: if you see a pen, you can make alterations and save those alterations to this exercise. The eye means that you only have viewing rights. You can see and remove the exercise from your subject, but you cannot alter the exercise itself. The circle shows you whether the exercise at hand is an original, or whether it's a reference to another exercise.

Full editing rights

The little pen icon means that you are editing an original exercise, for example an exercise that you've made or a copy. The exercise is located in the repository where you are working. This means that if you make any changes in this exercise, you might alter any possible references that are linked to this exercise.

Reference with editing rights

If you have copied a subject with references to the exercises, and you are a member of the original repository as well as the new repository, then you will see the pen and the circle icons. This means that you have full editing rights to this exercise, but you are currently editing a reference to the original exercise.
An example situation in which this happens is when you have access to a collaborative repository, in which the original exercise is located. However, you are currently editing in another - personal - repository.

Reference without editing rights

The icon combination for references without editing rights is the combination of the eye and the circle. This means that you have viewing rights and this exercise is a reference to an original exercise in another repository.

If you wish to alter this exercise, you can replace this exercise with a copy. In this article, you can read how you can do that.

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