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How to see who is actively taking a (summative) test?
How to see who is actively taking a (summative) test?
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If you scheduled a test between a limited time period you want to know who is doing the test, who has completed the test and how long students still have to finish their current attempt. In the live-dashboard of the test results view you can find this information.

See an example of the live dashboard below:

You can find this information in the live dashboard of the specific test result page. To get there, take the following steps:

  1. Go to "Tests" via the main navigation menu

  2. Click "View Results" of the test you are interested in

  3. At the top you can see the information about the opening times and duration of the test

  4. In the third white box at the right you have the "Dashboard" options: "results" and "live". Switch to the "Live" dashboard to see information.

In the live dashboard you can see the following information:

  • Name

  • Student ID (if available within your organisation)

  • Status: "completed" or "in progress".

  • Started at: date and time they started their latest (active) session.

  • Scheduled End Time: date and time until the session is automatically closed. See here for how this end time is calculated based on closing time, duration and extra time.

  • Submitted at: date and time the session has been submitted by student or automatically at end time.

  • Extra Time: the amount of extra time a student has. This extra time is already included in Scheduled End Time.

IMPORTANT: the general closing time of the test will always supersede the duration (including the additional time).
So: at closing time, all attempts will be automatically closed, including the attempts with additional time.

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