URL filtering for on-site testing
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Below you'll find a list of URLs which need to be added to your URL filter when using Grasple for on-site testing.


Before proceeding, please make sure you've read and understood the following notices:

  • We do not guarantee that the list below is complete.

    • You will have to add organisation-specific URLs to make sure Grasple is accessible (for example: the URLs necessary to enable logging in via SSO).

  • The URLs in the list below are not static. We cannot guarantee that these will not change.

    • We will check (and, if necessary, update) this list regularly.

    • Please make sure you always re-check the list below whenever using Grasple for on-site testing.

Do you have any questions about these notices? Please contact support@grasple.com

Test your URL filter thoroughly

The only way to make sure your URL filter works as expected is to test it thoroughly. Check the following before every test:

  • Can you open Grasple and sign in?

  • Can you open your test?

  • Can you open the chat function in the bottom right to reach Grasple Support?

  • Does the content of your test load as expected (including images etc)?

  • Do all necessary functionalities work as expected (e.g. the calculator)?

URLs to add to your filter

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