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Integrating our platform via LTI
Integrating Grasple into your Learning Management System
Integrating Grasple into your Learning Management System

This article describes the basics of Grasple as a LTI plugin.

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Grasple can be integrated into learning management systems (LMSs) in accordance with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards. This means Grasple that can be relatively easily intergrated into LMSs that support LTI Advanced (1.3) integration. Most large LMSs support LTI 1.3, including Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and Sakai.

What exactly is an integration of Grasple in your LMS?

By embedding Grasple in your Learning Management System as an LTI plugin, you make it directly accessible to teachers and students. See this page on our website for more information on the integration.

If you want to further explore the possibilities of the integration with your LMS, take a look at the helparticles per LMS:

If your LMS is not listed or if you have questions about the functionalities, please reach out to

Installing the LTI integration between Grasple and my LMS

โ€‹Grasple is happy to assist you if your university wishes to integrate Grasple in your LMS. This collection contains articles for the administrator of your LMS on the installation and understanding of the integration of Grasple as an LTI plugin.

Please contact us via to investigate the options and set the process in motion.

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