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How do I create and resend a new student invite if the previous one is used?
How do I create and resend a new student invite if the previous one is used?
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There are several ways to add students to your course (read more about this here). One of the methods is sending a personal invite to each student (with one click), which will sent an email with a personal link to each student.

Such a link can only be used once after which the link cannot be used anymore to join the course.

Sometimes students share that email with their fellow students, which then uses that link to register for the course. This prevent the original student from registering for the course you invited them for.

This article explains how to create and resend a new invite for that student as a teacher.

How to send a new invite if the previous one has been used?

Step 1: go to your monitor page and click "add student"

Go to the monitor page of your course and click the "add student" button.

Step 2: add the information of the student in the popup

Add the information of the student you want to invite and click "add student". This will indicate whether the a previous invite to this email has already been used.

Step 3: enable the option to force a new invite

To force a new invite, click the "advanced options" in the bottom of the popup window and enable "Force new invite".

Step 4: click "add student" and close the popup to see that the new invite has been sent

You can now see the entry of the new invite in the list of students with the value for "registered" being "no". The student should now have received a new email with a new invite link.

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