There are three ways to add students to your course: publish a link that grants access, or add one or multiple students manually.

I. Publish a link

The easiest way to add students to your course is by publishing a link that automatically grants access to the course. You can publish this link on your online Learning Management System, or you can email this link to your students. 

When the students follow this link, they will be asked to create an account. This account then immediately has access to your course. 

If you wish to use this method, please contact us via chat, email or phone. We will gladly create a link with access token to your course.

Remember, everyone with access to the link has access to your course.

II. One student

To add students manually, you need to log in to your teacher dashboard.

  1. Log in at the platform
  2. Click on 'Monitor' in the upper right of the screen

You can now start adding students.

  1. Click on 'Add Student'

2. Fill in the name, email address and student-id of the student

3. Click 'Add Student'
4. You should now see the student appear in your list of students

That's it :)

III. Multiple students

You can also add multiple students. 

  1. In the teacher dashboard for a new course, click on 'Add Students by CSV'. 

2. Upload a csv (comma separated values) file, that has the full name, email address and (optionally) the group of the students you want to give access. 

3. Check if all the columns are correct and then upload the students. If you get errors*, correct the file, refresh and try again. 

*If you get an error message saying: 'there are rows with too few columns (less than 2)', check for every row if name and email are filled in correctly and no field is left blank. Sometimes there's an unnoticed white space at the end of the file that causes the error.

4. Send the students an email immediately or wait and send the email later when your course starts. 

5. When you want to send the email later, from your monitor dashboard, click "send invitations" and then "to all uninvited students"

That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions on adding students

I get an error message. What do I do? 

Sometimes you want to add a student whose email or student-id is already present in your list. You then get the following notification.

Can I also remove students from my course?

Yes you can. How to do this is explained here.

Any other questions about adding students? 

Is anything still unclear? What more would you like to be able to do yourself?
To contact us, just use the chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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