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URL filtering for on-site testing
URL filtering for on-site testing
If you're using Grasple for on-site testing, make sure to add the following URLs to your filter
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Below you'll find a list of URLs which need to be added to your URL filter when using Grasple for on-site testing.


Before proceeding, please make sure you've read and understood the following notices:

  • We do not guarantee that the list below is complete.

    • You will have to add organisation-specific URLs to make sure Grasple is accessible (for example: the URLs necessary to enable logging in via SSO).

  • The URLs in the list below are not static. We cannot guarantee that these will not change.

    • We will check (and, if necessary, update) this list regularly.

    • Please make sure you always re-check the list below whenever using Grasple for on-site testing.

Do you have any questions about these notices? Please contact

Test your URL filter thoroughly

The only way to make sure your URL filter works as expected is to test it thoroughly. Check the following before every test:

  • Can you open Grasple and sign in?

  • Can you open your test?

  • Can you open the chat function in the bottom right to reach Grasple Support?

  • Does the content of your test load as expected (including images etc)?

  • Do all necessary functionalities work as expected (e.g. the calculator)?

URLs to add to your filter

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