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Monitor the activity of your students
Monitor the activity of your students
See what your students do on our platform using our 'Monitor' dashboard
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When you’re teaching in a classroom, you can easily see which students are well prepared and which students are not. You can already get a feeling about the student’s progress after one little chat.

However, when you’re teaching in an online classroom, it is normally much harder to see how well the students are doing.

That’s why we developed ‘Monitor’: a clear dashboard for teachers. Here you can track the student’s activity on our platform.

What you can see in ‘Monitor’:

  • The number of students that have activated their account, and how many are active.

  • General progress: how many lessons and challenges are completed?

  • Per lesson you can see how many students have completed it, and how many students have completed all of the challenges in that lesson.

  • Per student you can see which lessons and challenges they have completed.

Useful tools:

  • Do you want to encourage the last students to register on the platform as well? In ‘Monitor’, you can send them a quick email.

  • Is your course divided over multiple groups? You can assign these groups in ‘Monitor’. This way every teacher can quickly find the students in their group.

Are you interested in not only the activity but also the current knowledge and skills of your students? Check out our 'Diagnose' tool.

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