How do I assign students to a group?
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Here is a short video showing how simple it is to add students to an existing or new group:

You can simple assign students by selecting them and clicking the 'Assign to group' button. Take the following steps:

  1. Log in on the platform

  2. Click on Monitor at the upper right of the screen

  3. Find the student(s) you want to assign to a group in the list

  4. Click the 'Assign To Group' button

  5. Select the group you want to assign the student to or select the 'New group' option and type the new group name

Filter students on group

After this you can easily filter your students on group. Here is a short video showing how simple this is:

Remove students from group

If you want to assign students to a different group, just following the procedure as before and they will automatically be assigned to the new group and removed from their current group.
Do you want to remove the student from their group and not assign them to a new group, you can do this by assigning them to the group "-". This will remove them from all groups. See below how this is done:

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