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How do I change the number and the order of the exercises in a subject?
How do I change the number and the order of the exercises in a subject?
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In Grasple, there are two methods to provide exercises in a subject to your students:

  1. an adaptive selection of exercises tailored to their mastery

  2. a specific fixed order of exercises

In this article, you can read how to set the number of exercises your students see for the adaptive selection method, and how you can specify the order for the "fixed order" method.
To change the exercise selection method of an subject, you have to open the subject settings page. You can do this from two locations:

  • Via the gear icon above the exercise list on the left of the screen

  • Via the button on the top right in the subject edit view

See those two options indicated in the screenshot below:

Adaptive selection

By default, your students have to answer 5 adaptively selected exercises correctly to complete the subject. This number can be changed. In the case of 5, it means that students will get different selections of exercises and students who master the subject will only see 5 exercises. However, students that make some mistakes and need a bit more practice get more exercises, until they answer 5 exercises correctly.
Additionally, the next time they practice the subject they will receive a different set of exercises or if they have answered all available exercises, they will receive the ones which they struggled with most.

To change the number of exercises the student needs to answer correctly, simply click on the gear-icon in the left editing panel and the following screen will pop up.

With the number field, you can specify how many exercises your students have to answer correctly to complete the subject. In this example, the number of exercises is set to 3.

You can check how many exercises the students have to answer by previewing the subject and start practicing. In the white toolbar above the question, you can see that you need to answer 3 exercises correctly to complete the subject. Take a look at the following screenshot.

Specify a fixed order

If you wish to specify the order of the exercises you give to your students, simply click the gear-icon, enter the drop-down menu in the pop-up screen, and select the option "Fixed Order".

A symbol with six dots will appear in each exercise tile in the left editing panel. This now gives you the option to drag the exercise tiles into the order you prefer.

Warning: this does mean that the students will be asked to answer all of the exercises in the subject, even the students that master the topic fully. Therefore, we advice you to limit the number of exercises to a maximum of 10 per subject.
If you preview the subject and start practicing, you will see that the progress bar is slightly different. The students will now see how many exercises are included in the subject, and whether they answered the exercise correctly or made a mistake.

If you have any further questions or remarks, please feel free to contact us through the chat function. We are happy to help!

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