How are scores calculated?
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This article will explain what determines the score you end up with after finishing a subject, including a focus on the influence of the [SKIP] button. If you are wondering what the different labels and colours in front of the subjects mean, I refer you to another article.

It should be noted that this article focuses itself on finishing subjects for students. If you want to learn more about the scoring of tests (as a teacher), I’d recommend the following article.

Adaptive selection and fixed order

In Grasple, there are two methods to present exercises to students*:

  1. An adaptive selection of exercises tailored to their mastery

  2. A specific fixed order of exercises

*Want to know more about the settings of these as a teacher? Read this article.

In short: when dealing with the adaptive selection method, the teacher has set an amount of questions you need to answer correctly. You will keep getting questions until you have answered enough exercises correctly. Your score is determined by the percentage of correct answers in relation to the amount of exercises seen and you will only get a check in front of your subject if you have gained the requested amount of correct answers.

You can detect the use of the adaptive method and how many questions you will still have to answer by a progression bar above your exercise:

If the subject uses the fixed order, you will be presented with all the exercises from the subject. Your score is determined by how many you have answered correctly in relation to the total amount of exercises in the subject/lesson. You will get a check if you have answered all the exercises, regardless whether your answers are correct / incorrect.

You can identify the fixed order, by the circles above your exercise. These will turn green in case of a correct answer and red in case you answer the exercise incorrectly:

The skip functionality

If you do not want to answer an exercise, you can use the button [SKIP] in the top right corner of your exercise:

It is however important to note that your answer will be evaluated as incorrect when using the [SKIP] button. This means the following for the different methods:

  • Adaptive selection: when using the skip button, your answer will be evaluated as incorrect and you will get an extra exercise you have to answer.

  • Fixed order: when using the skip button, your answer will be evaluated as incorrect and you will move on to the next exercise.

We therefore strongly recommend you to try and answer the exercise first.

Multiple tries

For each exercise, you get three tries to answer it correctly before being presented with the elaboration of the correct answer. It is important to note that only the first time answering the question will determine whether Grasple evaluates it as right or wrong for the end score of your practice session. This means that even though you answer an exercise correctly the second or third time, it does not count as a correct answer for the end result.

Eventhough it does not matter for your score, we advise you to keep on trying to get the correct answer. This will help improve your skills and make it easier to pass the exercises in the next session.

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