How do roles from your LMS transfer to a Grasple Course?
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The goal of the integration is to ensure users have the same rol in Grasple courses as they have in their equivalent LMS course. The LTI 1.3 integration ensures that Grasple knows which role a user has in the LMS Course, and optionally also system-wide in the LMS.

By default a user gets a Student role in the Grasple course. To determine whether the user gets a Teacher role in the Grasple course, we check the LTI (i.e. LMS) role information with the following logic (read more about the LTI roles here and here).

When to users get a teacher role?

To determine if a user gets a Teacher role, we check the specified LMS roles for the different environments in the following order:

The first role we find in one of those environments, will be used to determine a user's role in the Grasple course. As a consequence, roles in the LMS course will always overrule system wide roles (i.e. Context roles are checked before System roles).

If the user has one of the following LTI roles, they will get the Teacher Role in the Grasple course:

  • Instructor

  • Administrator

  • TeachingAssistant

  • Staff

When is the role of a user updated?

The role is checked and updated every time the user opens a LTI 1.3 Deep-Link to Grasple in their LMS.

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