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Advanced course search options for organisation admins
Advanced course search options for organisation admins
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NOTE: this functionality is only available for organisation admins in their organisation course overview page

In your organisation admin panel you can see many things about your organisation in Grasple. Read more on how to use the admin panel in general here: "How to get an overview of your organisation using the admin panel?".

Advanced searching for courses

When searching for courses, you can use the advanced search options to combine different search criteria the way you want. With the advanced options you can:

  • search on an exact string returning only courses with that specific string. Use quotes to do this. For example: "course 2020/2021" will only return courses with the string "course 2020/2021" in the name.

  • exclude results with a specific string in their name. Use the minus sign (i.e. "-") to do this. For example: searching on -demo will return all courses without the string "demo" in their name

  • search on either of the terms by using OR. For example: calculus OR math returns all courses with either "calculus" or "math" in their name.

  • search on multiple terms by using AND. For example: calculus AND math returns all courses where the name contains the terms "calculus" and "math"

By default searching on multiple terms (separated by a space) are seen as an AND search. For example searching on calculus math is the same as searching on calculus AND math.

Finally, you can combine the above advanced options. As an example -"demo course" OR exam AND course will return all courses where either the name does not contain "demo course" or does contain the terms exam and course (in any order).

Below you see an example of searching for courses without the term "test", but with either "calculus" or "math" in the name.

If you have any questions on using the advanced search options, please contact support by using the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

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