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How to give feedback on content, and what happens to it
How to give feedback on content, and what happens to it
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When you are experiencing any issues regarding the content of courses, for example with the content of a specific exercise or slide, you can provide feedback on the issue by means of the "Report Mistake!" button. You find the button in the top right of the exercise/slide screen.

After clicking this button you are presented with a pop-up containing two fields (see image below).

After filling out these fields with your feedback, the feedback will be sent to our content team. This team will evaluate the feedback and check whether it is directed to community content / open content or to private content.

If the feedback is directed to open or community content, the team will process the content as soon as possible themselves. However, when the feedback concerns material that is neither managed nor created by Grasple, our support team will forward the feedback to the creator. They have the option to process the feedback accordingly.

When the matter is urgent, please do still feel free to contact the support team via the chatbox.

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