In each question (within a lesson) or exercise you can add additional answers with specific feedback per answer. Common cases to use this functionality are:

  • To provide specific feedback for common mistakes in an exercise. For example: students often misunderstand the difference between standard deviation and the variance.
  • If there are multiple correct answers to a question.


You can directly add additional answers and specific feedback while editing an exercise. Below you see the steps you need to take illustrated with an example.

1. Open the edit view of the exercise

2. Click the button "edit additional answers and specific feedback"

3. Add additional answers by using the button "+ add additional answer"

4. Indicate the answer, whether it is correct and provide specific feedback (optional)

5. Press the button "Save and close" and preview your exercise (which automatically saves it). Give the answer you've just added and see the feedback appear

In this way you can add additional answers and specific feedback. If you have any questions about or feedback on this functionality, just let us know via the chat or email!

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