All materials that you can use, you can find under the 'repositories' button in Grasple. 

On the repositories overview page, you may find repositories in three sections: 

  • Your repositories: visible and managable only for people you provide with specific access 

  • Organisation repositories: viewable for all teachers in the organisation and managed by your admin

  • Community repositories: viewable for all teachers on the Grasple platform and managed by the Grasple Content Team

Note: if your organisation does not have organisation repos available, you will not see that heading at this moment. 

Search for subjects, tests and exercises

You can search through all the repositories on the repository page by using the search bar on the top of the page. Searching is possible on:

  • ID for subjects, tests and exercises

  • name for subjects

If you are looking for a specific item in your repositories, but you don't know in which repository it is located you can fill in the ID in the search field and press enter.

See an example below where the user searched for the test with ID 426.

If you are looking for subjects, you can also search on name. Searching on name will return all subjects for which the name contains the search term.

See an example below where the user searched for subjects with "derivatives" in the name.

NOTE: searching one subject name is done for the language selected in your interface. For example: using the English interface, searches in the English names of the subject. Click the flag icon in the top right to switch language.

Organisation repositories

Do you want to make a repository available for all teachers in your organisation?
Only persons with admin access can organize this for you organisation. Please get in touch with them or contact us if you do not have an admin!

Are you an admin and do you have trouble creating shared repositories for your organisation? Check out this article on the functionalities of the admin panel!

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