Sharing content within Grasple is done by adding users in repositories and giving them view/edit/admin rights.

Do make sure the person has an account on our platform and has access to view all materials (a paid account or a teacher trial account). 

Adding users to repository

To share a lesson or an exercise with a colleague so they can view or edit it, you can create a shared repository (repo).
Don’t know what repositories are yet? First learn about them here.

To share a repo, first make sure you and your colleague are in a course together as teacher or tutor. You can read how to invite your colleague to a course here

Are you and your colleague enrolled as teacher/tutor in the same course? Great, then you can share your repo with them. Here's how:

1. Navigate the repository the material is placed in

2. Click on the 'Users' tab

3. Select the users you want to share the repository with
Remember, they must be part of one of your courses, where both of you have a teacher/tutor role.
You can read how to invite your colleague to a course here

Click the 'plus' icon to add that person to the repo. When you're done, click 'done'.

You will now see that person listed in the 'users tab' of that repo. We now call this repo a 'shared repo'. 

Do notice that:

  • if you give the user edit or admin rights, they can edit or add materials in that repository. 

  • if you give the user admin rights, they can add and remove other users (including you). So make sure you choose the correct rights for the user you want to add.

To summarise, you can collaboratively edit materials with colleagues by placing them in a repo and give your colleagues access to that repo. 

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