How do I create and edit subjects?

This article will explain more on how you can create and/or edit subjects.

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As a teacher, you might like the content that is available on the platform, but:

  • you might be missing certain subjects; or

  • there is a good lesson available but you would like to see a different example or context being used.

You can therefore also create and/or edit subjects yourself.

Subjects editor

In the subjects editor, there are three main sections to pay attention to:

  1. The page "Subject": provides you with the possibility to disclose more information about the subject.

  2. The button [+new] on the top left: use this to add new items (text or questions) to your subjects.

  3. The actions menu at the top with the buttons [save], [preview], [copy] and [More]

  4. The content area in the middle: this is where you write your content. Notice that you can enter material in both languages here.

Common actions

How do I create a new item?

To create a new textslide or question, click on the [+new] button on the top left of your screen. For questions on how to edit exercises, please see How to add and edit learning materials?

How do I change the order of the items?

Simply click on the item that you would like to move, and drag it up or down until it is at the spot you want.

How do I change the title of the subjects?

Click on the item menu on "Subject" on the left. It will show you the title and description of the subject which you can change and save. Remember that there are both Dutch and English versions.

How can I check how my students will see the subject?

Click on "preview" and try out the lesson yourself.


Any other questions? Please send us an email or use the chat icon on the bottom right of this screen.

Best of luck editing your lessons!

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