How do I create and name an exercise?
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  1. Go to your lesson map (click on 'Courses' in the top menu).

  2. You should now see a white bar below the menu. Click on 'repositories'.

3. Choose the tab 'Exercises' and click on '+ new exercise'

4. In the toolbar at the top you can name the exercise. This name is not visible for your students, only for you and your colleagues.

5. Select the language you want to write in (EN or NL) and start writing your exercise. Make sure to click 'save' in between. (When you 'preview' your exercise, it also automatically saved.)

6. In the exercises overview in your repository, you can choose what information you want to see per exercise. You can switch the columns ID, Name, Question, Description, and Uploaded on or off.

Publish the challenge to your students

When it is ready, you probably want to publish the challenge to your students.
For that, you first need to link the challenge to a subject.

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