Here is how to move lessons, subjects, exercises and tests to another repo. 

First navigate to the repository your items are currently placed in.

Go to the tab of the type of item you want to move. To move:

  • a lesson, go to the ‘subjects’ tab. 

  • an exercise that is not yet linked, go to ‘exercises’.

  • a test, go to ‘tests’.

Select the items that you want to move

Click ‘move’ in the upper right corner in the white task bar. You will get the following screen:

Select the repo you want to move your items to. If you want to move the edit rights together with the subject to the new repository, check the box in front of "Transfer edit rights of linked exercises".

Click ‘move’

Voila. Your item has been moved. 


  • You cannot move items of different types together. If you have exercises that are coupled to a subject and a test, you must first decouple the exercise. Then you can move the items separately. This has been designed this way to ensure that links to items are always contained within one repo. 

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