Formative tests are a great tool to generate feedback and insights:

  • For your students it provides a chance to practice subjects that are mixed. You know as well as I do, that this is always more difficult than answering questions where you already know which subject it concerns. 

  • For you as a teacher it provides an additional channel of insights into the current skills of your students. A snapshot of what they currently master and don't master yet. 

How to create these formative tests?

That's easy. 

  1. Make sure you are on your course map and you are in edit mode.

  2. Go to the module where you want to insert the formative test. 

  3. At the bottom of the module, click 'Add Test'. 

  4. You will now see a modal with two options: automatic and manual.

A. Automatic Formative Test

Just click it and you're done!

Behind the scenes, our selection engine will randomly select 10 exercises from the subjects in that module. (For the interested statistician: the selection is not random, it is stratified sampling over the available subjects.. ;-) ) 

B. Manual Formative Test

In this Manual mode you can select you own exercises. 

  • You can start by creating an empty test. Give it a relevant name. 

  • You can change the settings of a manual test, such as the number of attempts, between which dates it is open, etc. Read more about changing those settings here.

  • You will then need a set of exercises. If you have not created exercises for the test yet, you can create these in your 'repository'

  • Once you have the exercises, you can add these exercises to your test. Go to your repository, select your exercises and click "link to test" in the top right corner.

  • In the test, the order is set to random by default. Change this if you want and reorder the questions if necessary. 

Click save and you're done! 

Note: once you have added the test to your course map, it will be immediately visible to your students. Want to first create the test and then later add it to your course map? Then create the test from your repository.

Final tip: if you want to give each student a different test, set a limit to the number of questions and add at least twice the number of questions to the test. The test will sample randomly from that set of exercises. 

Any questions? Just click the icon on the bottom right to chat with us. 

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