How do I add math symbols and formulas?
A quick guide on how to add mathematical symbols and formulas to your exercises.
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You can easily add formulas and mathematical symbols to your lessons and exercises. 

To add a mathematical expression to a new line, go to a new line and click the plus icon on the left of the screen. Then click the Sigma symbol. 

You can now insert mathematical symbols.

Do you want to insert math inline? 

There are multiple ways to insert math inline. The most direct way to insert math symbols and expressions is by typing LaTeX. You can do this directly in the sentence, by using \( and \) as open- and closing tokens. 

These tokens will be rendered when you click on 'preview'.

Additionally, you can choose to first create a math text box.
One option to do so is to click on the + symbol on the left side of your sentence. Then choose the Sigma symbol that appears. 

Another option is to select a piece of text, and click the Sigma symbol in the black pop-up toolbar. 

In both cases a text box will appear, in which you can insert math. You can do this by using the suggested math symbols in the pop-up math toolbar.

You can also type LaTeX commands directly into the math text box. You do not need to use open- and closing symbols; simply the \ will suffice.

For more information on useful LaTeX symbols and expressions, check out

Note: our editor recognizes about 90% of the most common LaTeX commands. When the symbol cannot be rendered in preview, you should see a red line around the math text box in the edit-mode. This signifies either a syntax error or a symbol that our editor cannot render. If the latter is the case, please let us know using the chat button in the bottom right corner. Often we can find alternative commands that do work within our editor.

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